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Takeoff Helper is a pioneering solution that emerged from the need for a swifter and more streamlined approach to performing takeoff tasks. Frustrated with the laborious process of creating and constantly adjusting Excel spreadsheets, we set out to establish a standardized workflow that could be effortlessly applied to any project. Our vision is to revolutionize the takeoff process by providing a faster and more efficient solution, empowering professionals to achieve greater accuracy and productivity in their estimations.

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"I am a construction professional with over ten years in the industry. My first job was as a scaffold builder and I rose through the ranks with a civil background, working many years as a surveyor. I eventually made a career change into project management, then quickly moved to estimating, where I have five years of experience. I currently work in project controls.

Takeoff Helper was born out of my frustration with the takeoff process. I was tired of the constant adjustments to Excel spreadsheets and the lack of a standardized workflow. I wanted to create a solution that would make the process easier and more efficient, and that could be applied to any project. I am passionate about helping construction professionals achieve greater accuracy and productivity in their estimations."